iMac PC Plan

iMac PC Plan

This plan is for tech or IT-driven businesses who need high performance PCs to work. We provide full access user controlled iMac PCs available for use upon subscriptions. Use of this service is based on terms and conditions

  • A single non-dedicated work space area. Dedicated work space areas attract a small extra fee upon request.

  • Unlimited power supply

  • Unlimited access to the internet.

  • Access to highly subsidized rates on virtual office services. (upon request)

Pricing Plan

Core-duo PCs       – 12,000
Core i3 – i5 PCs    – 15,000
Core i7 PCs           – 20,000

*A full day constitutes 8 Hours*

Because we care about our clients

Our virtual office package features high-end corporate services offered to our clients at competitive rates.